By: Melisa Mons

We know the medical world is a small one, so we thought we’d enjoy an experiment and document the travels of a long-lost stethoscope. Long story short, my husband, Brad Mons, lent a stethoscope to a friend during medical school back in 2005.
  She accidentally left it in a hospital and they could never locate it. It was a hospital that Brad had never rotated through or really been to more than one or two days. His friend bought him a new one and life went on without his first stethoscope.

Fast forward to the end of 2012. Summer Beck was a nurse at the same hospital and needed to borrow a stethoscope. Summer, a long-time member of the group, recognized the name and posted about it in the group.

“Melisa Mons – I’m pretty sure I have stumbled across a long lost stethoscope that belonged to your DrH. My stethoscope has been broken for a while so I just use whatever I find in the drawers of the nurses station. Well a secretary handed me one today and said you can use this because we’ve had it for years and can’t locate the owner… Well I looked at the name tag and sure enough it says Brad Mons- I about died! LOL! So I will be returning that to you if we meet up when you’re in town next week!” –Summer

We thought it would be fun to let the Traveling Stethoscope meet the wonderful members of Lives of Doctors’ Wives so we can see just how small our community is!

The Traveling Stethoscope has been making its rounds:

12/4/12 Summer Beck – discovered in Tulsa, OK

12/14/12 Melisa Mons – handoff, took to Madison, WI

10/2/13 Melisa Mons – Tulsa OK, hand off to Jaye Kliewer

11/7/13 Jaye Kliewer- Oklahoma City, OK, hand off to Jenn Ozuna in Austin, TX

09/2014 Jenn Ozuna hands off at Dallas GTG to Heather Miskimins from Albuquerque, NM

9/2014 Heather Miskimins takes to Albuquerque, NM

9/2015 Melisa Mons hands off to DeeDee Hayes at GTG in Dallas, TX

9/2015 DeeDee Hayes takes the Traveling Stethoscope home to Texarkana, AR.

10/2015 DeeDee Hayes travels to Little Rock, AR to hand off to Erica Johnson.

01/2016 Erika Johnson travels to Shreveport, LA to hand off to Whitney Gates

04/2016 Whitney Gates travels to Denver, Co  to hand off to Jolene Vetterling

04/2016 Jolene Vetterling takes Traveling Stethoscope home to Colorado Springs, CO where it is currently awaiting the next hand off…

Current Location: Colorado Springs, CO with Jolene Vetterling



Summer meets with Melisa Mons to return long lost Stethoscope.521340_10151145706241669_2097077863_n

After being reunited with stethoscope Melisa Mons takes Stethoscope to Madison, WI.

603200_10151145706171669_752958769_nHand Off #2

Melisa Mons returns to Tusla, OK and hands off the Traveling Stethoscope to Jaye Kliewer.

Jaye Kliewer takes Stethoscope to Oklahoma City, OK

1454962_10151727748861669_1055383357_nHand Off #3

Jaye Kliewer hands off to Jenn Ozuna who takes it to Austin, TX

Hand Off #4

Jenn Ozuna hands off to Heather Miskimins during first annual LDW GTG in Dallas, TX. Heather Miskimins takes Stethoscope to Albuquerque, NM


Hand Off #5

Melisa Mons hands off Stethoscope in lieu of Heather Miskimins during 2nd annual LDW GTG in Dallas, TX to DeeDee Hayes. DeeDee Hayes takes Stethoscope home to Texarkana, AR.


Hand Off #6

DeeDee Hayes travels to Little Rock, AR and hands off Stethoscope to Erika Johnson who is planning the next hand off.

Hand Off #7

Erika Johnson travels to Shreveport, Louisiana where she hands off Traveling Stethoscope to Whitney Gates. 12650935_10153211608102191_7408152226201530743_n-2

Hand Off #8

Whitney Gates travels to Denver, CO and hands off Traveling Stethoscope to Jolene Vetterling


Traveling Stethoscope is currently in Colorado Springs, CO with Jolene Vetterling and awaiting its next adventure.Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 11.30.52 PM

Miles Traveled 2000