I’m sure like many of you, the road to medical school has been a long one.  It’s full of planning and hoping and dreaming.  After 3 years of planning…the adventure is about to begin.
Our house is full of boxes, tape, bubble wrap and paper.  It’s a mess of things to sell, give away and pack up.  We get out house in a different state in just 5 days. I’ve never lived anywhere but within 30 minutes of where I grew up.  We’ve planned for this time for so long..and it’s finally here! 
I’m excited and nervous..but so ready.  I’m ready for my husband to finally start medical school…one step closer to his dream…our dream.  
Our kids are usually well behaved and these past couple weeks have been rough.  I know it’s all of the anxiety and uncertainty of moving and leaving all they have ever known.  That’s what is hard for me right now.  We know that this move is best for our family and our future…but kids who are 8 and 5 can’t understand that.  All they know is that we are moving.  We have a surprise at the new house for them.  We ordered a trampoline and will have it set up when they arrive.  We’re hoping that little surprise will give them something to be excited about!
We are lucky that we aren’t moving too far from home.  It’s about a 4 hour drive.  So we have the benefit of moving our things and setting up the house over a week while they kids stay with grandma and grandpa. 
It’s just hard to believe this time in our lives is finally here! 
For those already in medical school and beyond…did you find that your kids had a hard time adjusting after a move?  What was the one thing you looked forward to when moving to a new place?

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