Fall will be officially beginning soon and interview season has already started. With this comes the anticipation and worries about whether or not a letter or email will arrive concerning an acceptance or rejection for Medical School.  At this point, if your partner hasn’t received an interview to some of the schools, hang in there, there is still plenty of time. If your partner has had interviews and haven’t heard back or has been wait listed by a few schools, there is still so much time for things to come in and change. If they have been waitlisted and it’s their top school, here is what can be done to help them get that spot for this class cycle.

As the semester winds down and we move into winter and spring, students who have already received their Acceptance letters must make a decision about which schools they would like to go to and which schools to turn down their seat offer. What this means for the rest of the applicants is that there is now more space for acceptances. If your partner has been wait listed or has been placed on hold, this is a chance to get the spot. If they’re really committed to a school and they feel that they’re a good fit, let the school know! Have your partner write a letter of intent to admissions at this top priority school. It’s just to remind them that your partner cares most about this one school in particular and they’re committed to doing what they need to, to get an acceptance.

It is so important to not send these to every school, only to the one that is the top priority. Here are some tips for your partner:
-In the letter let them know that if you’re given an acceptance that you will attend. Again, do not write this if you don’t mean it.
-Explain to the admissions team why you want to be a part of this school in particular and why it’s a great fit for you.
-Discuss all the different aspects that you love about the school, any professors, courses, research opportunities and what you can contribute back.
-Now that you’ve talked about the school, talk about yourself. Explain to them what you’ve been doing since you applied and fill them in on the details that are now missing from your application. If you started EMT training, let them know! This is also the perfect time to strengthen the weak points in your application.

This isn’t a guarantee that you or your partner will get off the waitlist but at least it draws attention back to you and your application. This is one of the moments that you actually have a little more control in your application. One important note is that this letter shouldn’t be sent out until after December because there is still time for you or your partner to receive a letter saying the application moved from waitlist to accepted. If it’s getting to be late in the Spring and your partner feels that this letter didn’t help, then just start working on your second cycle application. It’s okay to do more than one cycle, just make sure all effort is given and make this cycle the one you or your partner gets in! If you or your partner has written a letter of intent let us know the outcome! Good Luck!


–Rachel Asaro

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