On September 1st, 2016, I moved with my fur baby the 3,000 miles from San Diego to Boston. Luckily my company relocated me and it was an amazing opportunity that I had to seize. But I didn’t know anyone – save a few coworkers I had met maybe once before at our annual corporate meeting. I know many of you on the medical journey are moving or have moved and struggle to get settled in your new city. Today I wanted to share with you all what has worked well for me to integrate myself into a brand new city!



Hear me out before you gloss over this. You may have heard of the dating app. Well, they added a “BFF” feature to the app for people to find friendships! It is great to find people who are in the same situation who are also looking for new friends. I have actually met two girls in person from the app and am especially close with one of them, who also happens to be in a long distance relationship. One of them is about to take the MCAT (I tried to warn her…just kidding ;-)) so it has been nice to be able to talk about the medical journey with her.


I’ve become close with some of my coworkers. We are a small office and two of my coworkers are also in long distance relationships, so we are able to commiserate together. Obviously you need to be careful here, but having friendships with your colleagues can enhance your personal and professional life.

Try New Things

I consider myself a foodie, so I love trying out different restaurants. This way you also get to experience the local flavor (pun intended). Visit attractions unique to your new city to learn and appreciate the culture. Try a new workout class – you can meet new friends here as well. I definitely don’t try new things every single weekend, but I have a list of places I want to get to before I move away!

Local meet up groups

I have loved meeting up with other spouses/significant others of medical students and doctors. A lot of them are in the same boat as I am, due to moving often for training, fellowship, etc. It has been a great resource for getting information about housing, which neighborhoods and restaurants are good, etc. Search Facebook for a local medical spouses/significant others group. You can also use meetup.com and select your interests.


Don’t be afraid to embrace change – it might pleasantly surprise you and lead you to personal growth that you would not have experienced if you didn’t move!


–Amelia Foubert

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