Happy 2011 – hard to believe 2010 has already come and gone!

I just thought I’d check in and see how everyone’s December was?
We had a very busy December, DH was on his third consecutive month of neurological surgery, and it was long hours as expected. He was kind enough to ask me on December 23rd, what I wanted for Christmas. I know this sounds thoughtless, but the poor guy honestly didn’t have any free time prior to then. Being the big romantic that I am, I asked for a garage door keypad (because I keep locking myself out of our house!)
We were very fortunate that DH’s program breaks up Christmas, and New Years, so that half the residents work for 4 days for one holiday and the other half work the other four days. This means that each resident gets 4 days off at some point in December/early January. DH was lucky and got 4 days off for Christmas which allowed us to travel and see some family.
This month also starts a new calendar year. What will 2011 bring for all of you? For us I am looking forward to a fairly uneventful year (2010 had more than enough going on)! It will be nice to know that we aren’t moving again, and that our jobs will stay the same.
So what’s this month look like for all of you and your families?
This month DH is on inpatient neurology, which will mean much shorter days, and much more free time (he has been on neurosurgery the past three months). I’m hoping he’ll be able to get a lot of studying done, and some projects done around the house.
Happy New Year!

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