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Our mission is to support women partnered with MD and DO medical students, residents, fellows, and practicing physicians.

We will accomplish this through various outlets, including annual programs such as the Angel Tree, Medical New Year Giveaway, and Annual Get Together (GTG). We will support eligible women with funding in times of personal need. Eligibility will be determined by a majority vote of Board of Directors.

Our Programs

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Buoyed by the support of hundreds and thousands of my "best strangers"

As a member of LDW, I consider it’s benefit to me personally as beyond value. Just the support and aide of the group is more than I could have even dreamed when I joined at the recommendation of a friend years ago to answer a question by another mother in dealing with her child with Autism. Over the years, I have asked questions, gotten answers, vented frustration and loneliness, received camaraderie, helped others, made friends, laughed, cried, and pounded my head on the desk, all more times than I can count. I made it through my spouse’s residency buoyed by the support of hundreds and thousands of my “best strangers.” I have had questions answered that I never even thought to ask. I have learned about things I should do to secure our future that I never would have even known about. I was able to go to the first annual LDW Get Together in 2014, and the sisterhood was incredible. Dozens of people who I had never met before, and I left feeling like they were all my friends.

They have uplifted me in dark times and grounded me on bright days.

I found LDW while my husband was in Medical school. It has been my absolute greatest support through this journey. When we moved away from family, a LDW sister helped us find a house in a great neighborhood . While we struggled with Infertility, another sister called and walked me through treatment and cried with me when I miscarried. When I left my job due to bed rest, many of the Hive supported me via surprise pizza delivery, sponsoring us for holiday gifts, and sending encouraging words. The women of LDW have allowed me to lean on them, cry with them, and showered me with love. They have uplifted me in dark times and grounded me on bright days.

Fabulous friends who the unique journey we are on...

I found LDW during my husbands 2nd year of Medical School and I cannot even begin to tell you what a blessing it has been in my life. From preparing myself for our upcoming road via others personal experiences to making fabulous friends who understand the unique journey we are on, LDW has been instrumental in it all. I am so glad that I have found this little corner of the internet where I can join with thousands of other brilliant women who will cheer me on, laugh with me and cry with me, when needed. I am so grateful for LDW!






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